fully functional and suitable for endurance testing

Polyamide and polyurethane components PA6 polyamide with up to 35% GF content, resistant against oil, coolant and fuel

Working temperatures up to 200° C max

Data sheet PA6, Data sheet PA6 GF30

  • Intake systems
  • Cylinder head covers and housing covers
  • Engine covers
  • Oil sumps
  • Connectors and quick couplings
  • Containers (e.g. vibration welded)
  • Dipsticks and dipstick tubes

Lead time from 18

working days

Air intake
Intake systems
Oil intake pipes
Containers (e.g. vibration welded)
Oil sumps
Oil baffles
Engine covers
Cylinder head covers

Polyurethane in varying degrees of hardness and flexibility

from 30A to 80D Shore

Working temperatures up to 130° C max (transparent components up to 80°C)

Data sheet Shore D80, Shore A70, Shore A98

  • Air ducts
  • Covers
  • Trim panels
  • Gaiters
  • Transparent components
air intake
Housing covers
Air ducts
Active charcoal filter



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